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Note: Our menu is ever evolving and changing to offer the finest and freshest items available and seasonal specialties. 

Please check with your server for tonight's offerings.


Al’s Combination toasted ravioli, breaded shrimp, bbq beef tenderloin tip

Al’s Famous Mile High Onion Rings a Joe Pollack favorite 

Angel Hair Escargot 

BBQ Tenderloin Beef Tips saucy & tangy 



Classic Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Crab Cake


Homemade Crispy Potato Chips 

Lobster ¼ tail prepared as albinalla, danish, savoy, scampi 


Shrimp prepared as cajun, d’jonghe, savoy, scampi 

Stuffed Mushrooms two jumbo stuffed with crab

Toasted Ravioli with housemade meat sauce


Veal Meatball Tortellini     Lobster/Shrimp Bisque 

Al’s House Salad mixed field greens, tomato, olive, pepperoncini 

Fresh Fruit Cup seasonal

Continental Salad mixed field greens, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts

Caesar Salad for Two classic anchovy version made tableside 


Filet Mignon (4 - 12 oz center cuts)

apricot, burgundy, cream cognac peppercorn, peppercorn, or marsala sauce

New York Strip   


Al’s Steakhouse Classics

Beef Romano – Al’s Signature Dish 

filet mignon butterflied, stuffed with prosciutto and romano cheese, rubbed with garlic and

lightly breaded, sautéed in olive oil and finished in the oven, served with side of marsala sauce

Italian Dinner 

4oz filet mignon paired with half breast of chicken parmigiano, served with angel hair pasta

Megan’s Mixed Grill 

perfect pairing for the undecided –4oz filet mignon, lamb chop, bacon-wrapped shrimp

Steak Tartare

freshly ground petite filet mignon with a blend of house spices and special ingredients

Chateaubriand (for two)

16oz tenderloin carved tableside served with medley of potatoes, onion rings and seasonal

fresh vegetables (Does not include House Salad, larger cuts available upon request)


Lobster Tail (½ tail)      Lobster Tail (full tail 12-14oz) 

albinalla, beer-battered, danish, diablo, newburg, savoy, scampi, thermidore sauce


Filet Mignon and ½ Lobster Tail 

filet: apricot, burgundy, marsala, peppercorn/cream cognac, peppercorn, romano

lobster: albinalla, beer-battered, danish, diablo, newburg, savoy, scampi, thermidore sauce

Filet Oscar 

filet mignon topped with ½ lobster tail, fresh asparagus spears and rich creamy crab/shrimp sauce


Lamb Chops frenched half rack 

choice of mint or raspberry sauce

Lamb Ettinger

brushed with garlic-infused olive oil, coated with dijon mustard and bread crumbs pan sautéed

and dusted with a sprinkling of parsley

Pork Chop 14oz chop char-broiled  

apricot, rum-raisin or burgundy cherry reduction sauce

Veal Chop 14oz chop char-broiled  

cream cognac peppercorn sauce, veal stock reduction with truffles

Breast of Chicken 

prepared as cardinale, francaise, marsala, piccata, parmigiano

Beef Stroganoff tender filet tips over pasta with rich sherry sauce


Norwegian Salmon Filet

lemon-butter, caper, dill mustard, creole, hollandaise, shrimp sauce

Shrimp cajun, d’jonghe, savoy, scampi 

Seafood Nicolin scampi-style lobster, shrimp and crab cake 

Chilean Sea Bass                                                                          


Al’s Pasta penne in creamy tomato with hint of sambuca  

Angel Hair butter-garlic-basil or marinara 

Cajun Pasta spicy with seafood medley 


Fettuccini Alfredo

Fettuccini Del Monaco mushrooms, prosciutto, crab 

Linguini Butter Garlic

Linguini Clams  

Pasta dinners also available as side portions


Asparagus Hollandaise, Broccoli Floret AuGratin, Deep Fried, Italian, Mushrooms Sautéed, Onion Rings,        

Salsify, Spinach Sautéed, Au Gratin, Cream, Flash-fried, Italian, Vegetable Platter                                       

Al’s Potatoes, Baked Potato, Cottage or French Fries, Ideal Potatoes, Italian Fries, Lyonnaise Potatoes 

Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Wild Rice, Twice-Baked Potato 


Chocolate Fudge Cake

Homemade Ice Cream vanilla, cinnamon, spumoni

Italian Tortufo

Rustic Apple Tart

Bananas Foster minimum order of two 

Chocolate Soufflé minimum order of two, must be requested with reservation minimum one day in advance